Art at Sibos

A creative extension of the conference and exhibition

Sibos is where business gets done. Contracts are closed, networking ensues, and old and new partnerships are strengthened.

Whilst we have always taken great pride in the cutting-edge architecture on display across the exhibition floor, we also recognise the transformative power of art – its ability to inspire bold new insights and individual reflection.

Each year, Art at Sibos helps to extend the conference topics beyond the conference rooms, bringing unique artworks into the venue. In line with the agenda, we present delegates with a creative interpretation of the key industry issues.

Giving back to the local community is very important to Sibos, so we work with charities and artists in the host city to bring the Art at Sibos initiative to life. After all, everybody deserves their chance to shine.

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Art at Sibos 2017 Toronto

Our chosen charity for Sibos 2017 was SKETCH.

SKETCH is an arts-based community enterprise in Toronto that engages young people from across Canada who are living homeless or on the margins. 

SKETCH works with youth to develop in the arts so that they can lead in building creative communities, and build their entrepreneurial spirit and future.

Throughout Sibos week, the bridge that connects the MTCC's North and South Buildings hosted the Sibos Art Gallery, which featured unique artworks by the SKETCH artists. 

Check out a selection of pictures by clicking on the below image:


Art @ Sibos - Sibos 2017 Toronto


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Art at Sibos

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If you have any questions about Art at Sibos, please contact us.