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Progressive finance for a changing world

Sibos returned to Amsterdam with a packed conference programme. From 10 - 13 October 2022, Amsterdam’s RAI convention centre hosted over 500 expert speakers from across the financial ecosystem, bringing participants fascinating debates and big picture outlooks from some of the biggest names in finance.

The Sibos 2022 conference agenda centred on the theme ‘Progressive finance for a changing world’, recognising the need to embrace digital transformation, successfully navigate new risks and drive sustainability and ethical change. Across eight stages and over 150 conference sessions, speakers focused on the ability of financial services providers to identify, adapt and scale forward-thinking innovations, while also managing risk in an uncertain world.

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Sibos 2022

Progressive finance for a changing world

Organisations face unprecedented challenges to adapt and grow in uncertain times. While new risks emerge, so too do new opportunities for financial services providers to lead the way in technological innovation and driving positive global change. Successful businesses will be those that can adapt to new priorities and shifting geopolitical landscapes, and pave the way for the future of banking.

Embracing the digital landscape
and technological opportunities

Sibos 2022 explored how the industry is embracing the digital landscape and technological opportunities. We examined how financial services providers can leverage innovations such as AI, machine learning, big data and privacy enhancing technologies to deliver operational efficiencies and an enhanced service offering. We also learned about the latest developments within digital currencies, decentralised finance and the digitisation of trade.

Driving sustainability and ethics

Driving sustainability and ethics was pivotal to Sibos 2022, from the event build through to the conference agenda. Issues such as climate disclosures, ESG standardisation, ethical investing, greenwashing and financial inclusion formed key areas of debate and discussion. How can organisations lead positive change across the globe and incorporate non-financial factors into their strategy and processes?

Succeeding in uncertain times

Financial services providers are adjusting to geopolitical, regulatory, and cybersecurity risks in a fast-paced and digital age. We explored how organisations can overcome these challenges and modernise their business models to succeed in uncertain times.