Past Sibos: Singapore 2015

Over 8,000 delegates attended Singapore 2015

Sibos 2015 Singapore

With more than 8,000 delegates attending over 250 sessions, the conference in Singapore brought together industry leaders to tackle the burning issues.

The Year

Who attended Sibos 2015 Singapore?

  • Primary business focus
  • Primary area of responsibility
  • Function within institution
  • Type of institution
  • Region
  • 33%Payments
  • 17%Trade Services
  • 17%Cash Management
  • 16%Not selected
  • 12%Securities
  • 4%FX/MM
  • 2%Derivatives
  • 29%Business Development/Strategy
  • 16%Not Selected
  • 13%Sales
  • 9%Financial Operations
  • 8%Information Technology
  • 7%Marketing
  • 6%Product Management
  • 3%Compliance/Risk MGMT
  • 3%Customer Services
  • 2%Innovation
  • 2%Technology Operations
  • 1%Standards
  • 23%Managing Director/Director/EVP
  • 16%Not Selected
  • 13%Vice President/Functional Head
  • 11%Departmental Manager
  • 8%Relationship Manager
  • 8%Board Member/CEO/CFO
  • 7%Section Head/Supervisor
  • 7%Analyst/Consultant
  • 6%Account Manager
  • 1%Corporate Treasurer
  • 1%Compliance officer / Risk manager
  • 30%Commercial Bank
  • 23%Software Vendor/Consultancy
  • 16%Not selected
  • 7%Corporate
  • 5%Payments Market infrastructure
  • 5%Central Bank
  • 5%Investment Bank
  • 2%Retail Bank
  • 3%Securities Market Infrastructure
  • 2%Custodian
  • 1%Broker/Dealer
  • 1%Exchange
  • 1%Investment Manager
  • 12%Americas
  • 44%EMEA
  • 43%APAC

Conference information

Building the future

For nearly 40 years, Sibos has brought financial leaders together to network, collaborate and make sense of changes in the industry. The Sibos conference helps to build an understanding of the forces impacting the financial community. 

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Art at Sibos

The Art Walk

Winding through the conference and exhibition space, the innovative Art Walk featured 20 conceptual works created by local Singaporean artists. The theme was 20 hot topics within the financial services industry, such as digitisation, cloud computing, cryptocurrencies, real-time payments and the future of money. There was no limitation for the artists in terms of chosen medium, so delegates were treated to creative sculptures, paintings and other forms.

Delegates were also able to learn more about each piece as they passed by through the interactive Sibos App.

The Business Times Budding Artists Fund

For 2015, we partnered with The Business Times Budding Artists Fund (BT BAF). The Fund provides young people, aged 7 to 19, from disadvantaged families with the opportunity to pursue arts training and make the most of their talent.

Watch our video to learn more about the vision behind this partnership:

All 20 artworks were available for attendees to purchase, with the funds raised supporting BT BAF and partner-beneficiaries.

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