Past sibos: Singapore 2015

Integrating with SWIFT through APIs: A solution for high value payment migration

12 October 2015
10:30 to 11:15
SWIFT auditorium SWIFT Auditorium
Vice President, Bank Operations Business Information Management
PNC Bank
Senior consultant in payment systems and banking technology
Head of SWIFT Services & Support in ASIA
Head of Interfaces & Integration

Integrating your applications with SWIFT has never been easier. This session explains SWIFT’s new APIs and integration layer. Learn how to adapt from MT formats to ISO 20022 cost effectively. Understand how SWIFT can help you with a community migration to ISO 20022. See how to hook any application to Alliance Access or Alliance Lite2 at lightning speed, and hear first-hand from customers about their experience of using these solutions.

Main conference session
12 October 2015
10:15 to 11:15
Main conference session Conference room 1