Past sibos: Singapore 2015

The Internet of Things and banks' core platforms

13 October 2015
11:30 to 12:30
Main conference session Plenary
Chief Operations and Technology Officer
Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Chief Technology Officer and General Manager, Strategy and Planning, Global Technology Services & Operations
Group Chief Information Officer, Group Technology & Operations
Standard Chartered
Group Chief Information Officer - Group Managing Director

The spread of smart internet enabled devices seems unstoppable. Mobile platforms are rapidly gaining importance in a world of smart homes, smart cars and smart grids to name a few. What are the implications for banks? Can their core platforms handle this? Do these systems have the scalability and flexibility to support new payments models, channels and changes to standards and regulations? In this session we will explore these disruptive technologies and how leading financial institutions are assessing and preparing their core payments platforms in this rapidly evolving landscape.

Open theatre session
13 October 2015
10:45 to 11:15
Open theatre session Open Theatre 2
Open theatre session
13 October 2015
11:30 to 12:00
Open theatre session Open Theatre 1