Past sibos: Singapore 2015

Progress report: New ISO 20022 regulatory compliance initiatives

14 October 2015
10:15 to 11:15
Main conference session Standards Forum
Executive Director
Head of the Financial Operations Services Division
European Central Bank
Senior Business Analyst
Aite Group
Director, Head Market Advocacy APAC
Deutsche Bank

Regulators and market overseers are more conscious of the benefits of standardisation than ever before. They have realised the advantages of clearly identifying the data elements needed on regulatory reports using the standard definitions that are already familiar to their regulated institutions, and the discussions are now leading to specific actions. Organisations such as the European Central Bank (Money Market Statistical Reporting) and the Russian Corporate Payments Market Practice group are publishing information requirements with specific reference to ISO 20022 data definitions. Attend this session to hear more details about how and why this pattern is likely to develop, and what benefits it will bring to both regulator and regulated institutions.

Open theatre session
14 October 2015
10:00 to 10:30
Open theatre session Open Theatre 2
Community session
14 October 2015
10:15 to 11:15
Community session Conference room 5