Past sibos: Singapore 2015

Virtual storm: Cyber crisis simulation

12 October 2015
15:30 to 16:45
Public workshop Conference room 3

Many industry experts say “It’s no longer a matter of if your cyber security defenses will be compromised—it’s when”. In this interactive session you will “join forces” with colleagues from other organisations to actively participate in a cyber-attack simulation facilitated by DECIDE-FS; Norwich University Applied Research Institutes’ (NUARI) tool developed to help financial institutions improve their operational resilience to cyber events through realistic exercises.
During the simulation, participants will be assigned to small groups. Each group will act as an independent financial institution. Session participants will be presented with cyber events and, through group dialog, make response decisions given anticipated business impact, risk and cost. DECIDE-FS will provide real time feedback and simulate business outcomes which result from each decision.
This simulation was designed in close coordination with the Joining Forces on Cyber Intelligence informer session.
Seats are limited for this workshop - please register your interest at the following address (copy/paste link in your browser)

Community session
12 October 2015
15:30 to 16:30
Community session Conference room 5
Public workshop
12 October 2015
15:30 to 16:30
Public workshop Workshop C