Are disruptive innovations transforming the financial services landscape, or are we simply in the middle of a new technology cycle?

PLR 2016-09-29T11:30:00.000Z

Sanoke Viswanathan
Chief Administrative Officer and Interim Chief Information Officer for the Corporate and Investment Bank
Eric Pradier
Vice President & General Manager Consulting EMEA
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Eileen Burbidge
Partner, Special Envoy for FinTech
Passion Capital, HM Treasury
Sibos TV

Since being propelled into the spotlight in 2009, the FinTech industry has grown exponentially and now stands at more 12,000 FinTech companies worldwide. Whilst the drive and passion of the founders of these companies is as strong as ever, the mood inside has changed from one of disintermediation to collaboration, accompanied by a shift in focus from front office to back office innovations. The financial industry has played a crucial role in this transformation by engaging with FinTech companies through acceleration programmes, in-house labs, investment funds of their own, partnerships, and acquisitions. The industry has sought to capitalise on the values that small dynamic startups can bring in terms of agility, speed and focus, together with the strengths of the industry around scale, robustness, and the investments we have made in compliance to better serve our customers. Join us for this interactive session, where you will listen to three leaders from the financial, technology and the FinTech ecosystems discuss and debate the impact of new technology on the financial industry, and whether this is merely another technology cycle, or if we are truly in the midst of a fundamental transformation of the way we all do business.