BNP Paribas: Biz hackathon fever

OT2 2016-09-28T17:00:00.000Z

Open Theatre 2
Philippe Denis
Chief Digital Officer
BNP Paribas

In this community session we will share with the audience one of the ways BNP Paribas is collaborating with Fintech, partners and clients. We will share how we create an environment that gathers great minds to answer tough problems in our industry. We believe in co-design and co-creation but also in collaborating more with a wider ecosystem to build services for our industry. This interactive session will include some video highlights, art drawings and the way we drive innovation and design thinking with our community. This session will feature two of our senior managers who helped animate our Biz Hackathons. We will also share some of the thought leadership we have produced on client experience, design, innovation and Blockchain ahead and after the hackathons. This community session will feature a diverse set of business issues across investment banking and securities services.