Business leaders - Think cyber

SWST 2016-09-28T10:15:00.000Z

John Trundle
Chief Executive Officer

You can't pick up a newspaper without reading about cyber risks. The stories include attempts, sometimes successful, to steal large amounts of money or to cause damage and embarrassment to companies or individuals. It is all very frightening and confusing. Given the technical complexities, what can business leaders do?

The one thing business leaders should not do, argues John Trundle, is to leave the subject to technicians. Specialists have a very important part to play but cyber risk is a business issue and technicians can't be left to make the business choices and inevitable trade-offs. It is important for business leaders to have a view on the threats to their business, their vulnerabilities and oversight of plans to provide an appropriate degree of resilience. The good news is that getting the basics right can provide a good level of protection. It is, however, a fast-changing field and the threats and responses need to be kept under continuous review. And businesses need to plan for what they will do if something goes wrong. This session explores cyber threats, responses, and approaches to business continuity planning from a business perspective.