Data management - The quest of the endless journey

CR2 2016-09-29T09:00:00.000Z

Conference Room 2
Frédéric Le Borne
Managing Director | Banking Lead France Benelux
Graham Ray
Global Head of Product Management, Investor Services
Deutsche Bank
Michael McGovern
Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Head of Systems
Brown Brothers Harriman
Cian Burke
Securities Services

For financial institutions the journey for more transparent, high-quality, relevant, timely and cost-effective data will never end. In such endless quest, it appears that a strong data management strategy grants access to the most reliable road towards meeting regulatory requirements and improving market intelligence. However, long-term market analysis and complex compliance objectives are unlikely to bring rapid growth and lower operating costs. In the meantime, is there a shorter road where firms can head to obtain immediate benefits and show growth? Which data platform models will help them get there faster while reducing costs? How can back-office operations benefit from the data investments done in front and middle office activities? Is the industry too cautious to embrace B2C-like cloud-based initiatives? Will machine-learning utilities accelerate the process? Or, else, are distributed ledger technologies ready to provide firms with a fast lane?