Past sibos: Geneva 2016

DevOps – Continuous delivery: Hype vs reality

28 September 2016
10:15 to 11:15
Main conference session Conference Room 3
QA Financial
Director, Wire Payment & Correspondent Banking Operations I BMO Financial Group
Bank of Montreal
Technical Advisor, Investment Bank COO Office
EMEA Open Source Affairs Evangelist
Red Hat
Managing Director, Global Product Planning, Analysis and Strategic Support
BNY Mellon Treasury Services

Although DevOps and Continuous Delivery are at the top of the hype cycle in the internet world of business unicorns and fast-growing startups, there remain important questions about its suitability in financial systems and environments with value at risk.  In this session, our panel will debate how DevOps and Continuous Delivery tools and processes can be leveraged to support the high demand for product innovation and change while ensuring the security, reliability and integrity that online financial services require.

Main conference session
26 September 2016
10:10 to 10:40
Main conference session SWIFTLab
28 September 2016
10:10 to 10:40
Main conference session SWIFTLab
Main conference session
28 September 2016
10:15 to 10:45
Main conference session SWIFT Stand