Education: Cybersecurity 101 - Outwitting ingenious attackers

CR5 2016-09-28T09:00:00.000Z

Conference Room 5
Richard Horne
Cyber Partner
Kris Mc Conkey
Threat Intelligence and Breach Response Partner

Cyber threats to payments are evolving fast, and are increasingly focused on exploiting weak payments processes and unsuspecting people, as well as vulnerable IT systems.

This talk will give examples of some recent (anonymised) successful attacks against financial institutions and the methods used by the attackers. In describing the attacks end-to-end it will illustrate the range of controls needed to defend against them - and dispel some myths as to the effectiveness of some traditional security controls.

Attendees will get a real-world understanding of how to build a successful cyber defence programme that encompasses process and people as well as key technical controls. They will understand how ingenious attackers can be, and be given examples of attacks that can help them illustrate the need for investment in a range of cyber defences