Efficient working capital in a global and real-time payment world

CR4 2016-09-27T12:45:00.000Z

Conference Room 4
Michael Spiegel
Global Head of Trade Finance & Cash Management Corporates
Deutsche Bank
Ganaka Herath
McKinsey & Company
Lars Sjögren
Global Head of Transaction Banking
Danske Bank
Stian Arnesen
Departmental Manager
Danske Bank

The move towards real-time payments in global trade equals new challenges and opportunities for corporates and financial services providers alike. Corporates may be looking to optimising their working capital whilst banks seek to expand their customer dialogue beyond traditional financing to include also procurement, risk management and supply chain efficiency. So what does it take to bridge the gap between customer requirements and great advisory and solutions in this field, and what does the entrance of fintechs mean? A panel representing corporates, consultancy and the industry will discuss what is trending and how to boost working capital efficiency and transparency across the corporate supply chain. Join the session to find out what are the obstacles, what are the possibilities and how far banks should be ready to go.