Ericsson: Greater than the sum of its parts – The elusive case of interoperability for digital financial services

OT2 2016-09-26T15:30:00.000Z

Open Theatre 2
Goran Loncaric
Vice President/ Functional Head
Ville Sointu
Vice President/ Functional Head

Interoperability has been a passionately debated topic in the emerging markets for as long as there’s been mobile money schemes offering financial services to the financially underserved. The case for working together has always been there. Why hasn’t this happened yet and has anything changed since we started? Will recent developments in decentralized asset ledger technology allow us to bypass all the obstacles? Join us for a session where we discuss interoperability in context of ecosystem-wide financial services (incl. mobile money & banking) and talk about how we’re working with financial institutions and partners on bridging current market reality with emerging technologies in order to create a virtuous environment for global financial inclusion.