Evolution of correspondent banking: Can compliance help defend the model?

CR1 2016-09-27T09:00:00.000Z

Conference Room 1
Kavita Maharaj
Former Anchor Bloomberg, CNBC, ITV
Alexander Karrer
Swiss Finance Ministry
Olivier Denecker
Director of Knowledge
McKinsey & Company
Larisa Zalomikhina
Group Head of Compliance
Patricia Giangrande
Global Head of the Business Control Office, Institutional Cash Management
Deutsche Bank

Correspondent banking faces pressure from regulation, geopolitics, and new payment providers, as well as rising costs, shrinking margins, and evolving customer expectations. Banks are expected to transact payments more quickly and cost-effectively, with greater transparency toward customers and regulators, while mitigating compliance and reputational risk. How will the changing model and emerging payments methods affect compliance practitioners and processes? Can compliance add value to the evolving correspondent banking model, thus helping to ensure its long-term sustainability?