Facilitating communication cross border with issuers

WSB 2016-09-26T09:00:00.000Z

Workshop B
Richard Fodder
Senior Vice President and Head of the London Office
Brown Brothers Harriman
Paola Deantoni
Section Head/Supervisor
Société Générale Securities Services
Mehdi Manaa
Departmental Manager
European Central Bank
Guido Wille
Section Head/Supervisor

Over time the finance need of growing companies and the increasing demand for opportunities to invest money across countries .
For that purpose companies are selecting the appropriate issuer CSD based on the most convenient mix of opportunity and simplification. The forwarding of data for registered shares that function well in a domestic situation become more complicated and often less efficient cross border due to enforceability of local law to non-domestic securities/investors . Many of these barriers have their origins in divergent national property, insolvency laws, tax management and reporting , national laws etc

In this complex environment, there are concerns regarding identification of shareholders and , exercise of rights of investors :wish for STP is highlighted in regional and local initiative .
What are this concerns , are there already any potential solution identified? How to progress?