Fiserv:The analytic advantage: Stay one step ahead of cyber fraud

OT2 2016-09-26T16:15:00.000Z

Open Theatre 2

Cyber fraud is constantly morphing, seeking out the path of least resistance, and the path to increasing the value of fraud. When cyber fraud intersects with the world of high value global payments, it poses a material threat to the stability of financial institutions, and potentially, the global financial system itself. The danger is real, and the lack of informed action by financial institutions could have consequences on a massive scale.
With the threat of cyber fraud being ever more present, it is vital that financial institutions and their customers prepare themselves for any possible situation. Financial institutions must adapt their approach, not only to protect themselves from fraud, but to provide their customers with fast, safe and reliable banking services that fit with the pace of their lives.

Join this session to learn how organizations are staying one step ahead of financial criminals through the power of analytics.