Immediate, open and context – The perfect storm in payments

CR5 2016-09-26T09:00:00.000Z

Conference Room 5
Conny Dorrestijn
VP Global Payments Marketing
Claus Richter
Head of CM Customer Solutions
Warren Gardiner
VP Strategy Enterprise Payments
Andy Schmidt
Executive Advisor
CEB TowerGroup

The banking community sits at the heart of the perfect storm: global initiatives towards immediate payments respond to a societal call for instant experiences at all levels. Regulators are also pushing reform for the benefit of an open and fair financial system, banks can take a centre stage role in this debate if they have an open API based banking infrastructure. Finally, data has always been at the heart of banking but with new technologies we can create context out of structured and unstructured data for the benefit of our clients.

Speed without context is just faster, creating context without open ‘partner’ data is merely an improvement on what was. Speed, context and ‘open’ need one another to create the relevant instant service and experience customers may expect from a modern financial services organisation.

In this session we will focus on the challenges and experiences of banks that are going ‘instant’ and/or embracing the new open world wishing to innovate towards Open and Context at the same time.