Innovation in CSD space: What about distributed ledger technology?

CR3 2016-09-28T14:00:00.000Z

Conference Room 3
Virginie O'Shea
Research Director
Aite Group
Angus Scott
Head of Product Strategy and Innovation
Cliff Richards
General Manager, Equity Post Trade Services
ASX Limited
Robert Palatnick
Managing Director & Chief Technology Architect
Artem Duvanov
Director of Innovations
National Settlement Depository

Distributed ledger technology (DLT) has become one of the hottest topics being discussed by financial market infrastructures. Some argue that it hails the end of securities market infrastructures, others that there will be no revolution, just a natural evolution of what already exists. Join this session to hear market experts share their views on how DLT could be used to enhance by central securities depositaries (CSDs) and potentially change core CSD services such as transaction settlement and issuance. Find out how this new technology could impact the growing demands of the regulators towards market infrastructures.