Lunch with Sibos

STV 2016-09-27T13:00:00.000Z

Sibos TV

Lunch with Sibos is an intelligent digest of Sibos content featuring in-depth interviews, panel discussions and session previews. Presented by Nadine Dereza and Steven Chia it also features the Sibos Game Changers - interviews with thought leaders and influencers from the world of finance and beyond.

Today's video features the following great highlights:
- The Game Changer Interview with Bruce Weber
- A panel on Cyber and Operational Challenges with Marcel Bronmans & Javier Perez-Tasso
- A panel called -Towards A Single Payments Platform with Lisa Lansdowne-Higgins, Tony Brady & Marc Bayle
- A Compliance Panel on Counter-terrorism Finance with Tom Keatinge, Joel Lange & James Freis.