Past sibos: Geneva 2016

Machine learning – The future of compliance?

28 September 2016
09:00 to 10:00
Main conference session Conference Room 1
Former Anchor Bloomberg, CNBC, ITV
Founder & CEO
Outside Intelligence, Inc
Institute of Financial Innovation in Transactions & Security
Global Head of AML

Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence is gaining greater public and business awareness. From self-driving cars to cancer research, the long-predicted benefits are becoming reality. Machine Learning’s core characteristics – self-learning, intelligent yet consistent decision-making and managing complexity – are all attractive from a compliance perspective. What new technologies and approaches might support compliance programmes in the (near) future? Is the regulatory environment suitable for their adoption? How can the industry fully leverage the potential benefits?

Sibos TV
28 September 2016
08:30 to 09:00
Sibos TV Sibos TV
Main conference session
28 September 2016
09:00 to 09:30
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