Making real time successful in the Eurozone

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Conference Room 1
Christian Rhino
Divisional Board Member Group Banking Operations
Commerzbank AG
Pascal Augé
Head of Global Transaction & Payment Services
Société Générale
Rodolphe Meyer
Marketing & Business Development Director
Patrick Tans
Senior General Manager Banking Products and Member of the management committee
Stefano Favale
Head of Global Transaction Banking, Corporate & Investment Banking Division
Intesa Sanpaolo
Head of Markets and Initiatives EMEA to the session

The European Central Bank has issued a clear call to action to the Eurozone’s financial community: that there should be a real time payments solution in place by 2017. Industry participants across the continent are working towards this goal but there are particular complexities around this project. There are many initiatives happening in parallel – both domestic and cross-border (within the eurozone) – and these all need to fit together, otherwise the Eurozone’s response will end up being fragmented. Join this discussion to find out what is required to make real time successful in Europe.