NTT DATA Corporation: Next Generation of Transactions Applying Fintech

OT2 2016-09-26T11:30:00.000Z

Open Theatre 2
Takuya Miyamoto
Departmental Manager

Nowadays, three major IT technical components (CPU/Storage/Network) have achieved exponential growth. Digital society by technological growth has already started, and it leads to fintech. By applying this benefit to the field of money transfers, the next generation of transactions is realized.
Analyzing text mining from various transaction documents including electronic, mail, reports, and web, and storing in a NoSQLDB which is enabled to utilize unstructured data, and deep learning by features of data or classification of words, achieves an advanced analysis of complex transactions. That result contributes to the detection of some risks in advance. Exponential growth leads to the realization of fintech and the next generation of transactions which substantializes a stress free and high satisfaction outcome among every player.