Patterns of disruption in wholesale banking

INNO 2016-09-26T09:30:00.000Z

Val Srinivas
Research Leader, Banking & Capital Markets, Center for Financial Services
John Hagel
Deloitte Center for the Edge
Andrew Davis
Davis Consulting
Patrik Havander
Head of Strategy & Communication

Managing the unexpected or "how to predict and anticipate the improbable threats that could devastate my business?”

This is the question that keeps us up at night. We fill our days with managing the expected, the things we can control by having the right talent and resource at the right place at the right time, developing the right capabilities and solutions whilst maintaining margin, growing revenues and delighting customers. These expected challenges are challenging enough. But what about the unexpected, the disruptive?

The Deloitte Center for the Edge has taken an incumbent’s point of view to understand what turns a new technology or new approach into something cataclysmic for the marketplace and incumbents’ businesses.

Join this session to explore the nine patterns of disruption they have identified and see how these can be articulated based on their relevance to the financial services industry.