Past sibos: Geneva 2016

Strategies for improving the payment and settlement infrastructures adopting advanced and proven technologies including international standards - Challenges and opportunities aiming at year 2020 and beyond

28 September 2016
15:30 to 16:30
Community session Conference Room 5
Director General of Payments and Settlement Systems
Deutsche Bundesbank
Director-general, Payment and Settlement Systems Department
Senior Vice President and Wholesale Product Manager
Federal Reserve Banks
Director General, Directorate General Market Infrastructure & Payments
European Central Bank
Senior Manager, Business Strategy Department

In recent years, financial services and supporting technologies in particular in the field of payment and settlement systems have been evolving drastically and globally. Under such environment, central banks in Europe, North America, and Asia have been trying to catch up with or even lead the trend proactively improving their system infrastructures not only for high value payment systems such as TARGET2/T2S, Fedwire, and New BOJ-NET, but also retail payment systems including faster payments taking advantages of new technologies and International Standards. This session will discuss possible opportunities, challenges, and strategies of the central banks.