SWIFT Customer Security Programme

SWAU 2016-09-29T15:30:00.000Z

SWIFT Auditorium
Todd Inskeep
Booz Allen Hamilton
Adrian Nish
Cyber Security
BAE Systems Applied Intelligence
Stephen Gilderdale
Head of UK Key Clients, Ireland and Nordics

The growing threat of cyberattacks has never been more pressing. While SWIFT’s network, software and services have not been compromised, each of these incidents took place after a customer suffered security breaches within its locally managed infrastructure. SWIFT customers are individually responsible for the security of their own environments, however, the security of the industry as a whole is a shared responsibility. As an industry cooperative, SWIFT is committed to playing an important role in reinforcing and safeguarding the security of the wider ecosystem.
SWIFT’s Customer Security Programme aims to improve information sharing throughout the community, enhance SWIFT-related tools for customers and provide audit frameworks. Through the programme, we will also share best practices for fraud detection and enhance support by third party providers.
This session provides an overview of the programme – its main deliverables, milestones and impact to clients.