SWIFT for Securities: New solutions to industry challenges

SWAU 2016-09-28T16:30:00.000Z

SWIFT Auditorium
Keith Tippell
Managing Director, Head of Securities and FX Markets
Jonathan Ehrenfeld
Securities Market Manager

Global capital markets are going through a period of disruption and change. Market initiatives such as T2S are challenging traditional processes and roles, a rising tide of regulation is foreseen to increase the need for accurate data strategies and new technologies will threat well-established operational models. Changing times require strong strategic decisions. With communication flows growing exponentially (securities traffic today accounts for 50% of SWIFT overall traffic), securities markets play, more than ever, an essential role in SWIFT 2020 strategy. Join this session to learn how SWIFT plans to meet the industry challenges by providing new and innovative solutions building on its strong platform for funds players, broker-dealers, investment managers and custodians.