SWIFT’s intraday liquidity offering, a key service to comply with BCBS 248 and to optimise your liquidity

SWAU 2016-09-27T16:30:00.000Z

SWIFT Auditorium
Wim Raymaekers
Global Head, Banking Market
Dennis Sweeney
Managing Director, Global Liquidity & Collateral Management
Société Générale
Michael Knorr
Head of GFI Payments & Liquidity Risk Management
Wells Fargo

A large number of institutions started an intraday liquidity project but still face challenges to collect and normalise data at transactional level. Join this session to discover how SWIFT’s current 4 steps approach and SWIFT Scope can help your bank in its intraday liquidity implementation project. You will also hear about the multilateral intraday liquidity standardisation rule book developed by SWIFT under the new global payments innovation (gpi) initiative with the industry’s Liquidity Implementation Task Force, as well as value-added features that will significantly help improve your intraday liquidity management and forecasting.