SWIFTSmart: Bridging the knowledge gap

SWAU 2016-09-29T14:30:00.000Z

SWIFT Auditorium
Dana Brants
Head of Services Marketing
Brett Lancaster
Customer Security Programme
Theodore Rothschild
Chair SWIFT US National Group
Paul Chammas
Head of Group Operations Division
Byblos Bank

For more than 30 years, SWIFT has provided open classroom training to its members on the fundamentals of SWIFT and the related financial industry’s ecosystem. Driven by SWIFT’s community mission to instil operational excellence, increase risk awareness and decrease security threats for all members, SWIFT will be launching a comprehensive and innovative eLearning platform, SWIFTSmart. This new interactive, cloud-based service will provide a digital catalogue of courses to help increase reach and access of SWIFT expertise within your institution.
Join this session to be the first to discover how SWIFTSmart can support your institution with faster onboarding of new staff, better understanding of SWIFT, increased productivity, ultimately leading to reduced day-to-day operational risk and greater efficiency in detecting security threats operating in your environment.