Unconscious bias awareness training is hot, but the outcome is not! How can we design to encourage inclusive behaviour ?

CR4 2016-09-28T10:15:00.000Z

Conference Room 4
Tinna C. Nielsen
Owner & Founder
Move the Elephant for Inclusiveness

Inclusion Nudges are practical interventions designed to mitigate bias by gently pushing the brain in the direction of inclusive behaviour and decision-making without incentives or punishment.
Lisa Kepinski and Tinna C. Nielsen have coined the term and created a framework with three (3) types of Inclusion Nudges. This is the outcome of many years of working as internal change makers in multinationals having been experimenting with behavioural economics, anthropology, psychology, neuroscience, and organisational development to create inclusive organisations. All three types target hidden barriers in the employee lifecycle and organisational culture to improve decisions about people, and leverage the full potential of people, teams and the organisation.