Mark McLane

Mark McLane

Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion

Mark Q. McLane
Managing Director Diversity and Inclusion
Barclays PLC

Mark McLane is the Head of Global Diversity and Inclusion for Barclays PLC, a major global financial services provider with extensive presence in Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia. Mr. McLane is responsible for architecting a global diversity and inclusion strategy that will leverage organizational strengths, remain nimble in the every-changing global business climate and enable Barclays to maintain their competitive advantage by driving innovation to its customers.

Prior to Barclays, Mr. McLane was the Director of Diversity and Inclusion for Booz Allen Hamilton, a professional services firm in Washington D.C. While there Mr. McLane developed and implemented a firm wide diversity strategy including initiatives that leveraged the inherent differences within Booz Allen’s current and future workforce. Under Mr. McLane’s leadership these initiatives aligned with the organization’s vision of assuring continued growth in an increasingly competitive and global market.

Mr. McLane also held the position of Chief Diversity Officer for Whirlpool Corporation, a Fortune 500 global consumer product company in Benton Harbor Michigan. Under Mr. McLane’s leadership Whirlpool Corporation successfully implemented a global Diversity and Inclusion embedment strategy positioning the Company as a recognized leader in the industry. In addition to his role as a human resources leader, Mr. McLane has an extensive background in innovation, strategy development, marketing and sales across U.S. and international markets.

Mr. McLane is a member of the Board of Directors for Business Disability International and additionally holds leadership roles on the Radius advisory board, Women in Recruitment executive committee, OutLeadership leadership committee and GayStar Business advisory board. In 2014 and 15 Mr. McLane was recognized by The Guardian’s global LGBT power list, the Financial Times 100 LGBT business leaders in London and named to the top 50 global Diversity Executives by the Economist.

Mr. McLane holds a B.S in Business Management from the University of Scranton.

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