Siegfried Vonderau

Siegfried Vonderau

Head of Division TARGET2 / T2S Services Management

Siegfried Vonderau has a long lasting track record in several managerial positions at Deutsche Bundesbank in payment and settlement systems evolution and operations. In 2006 he became Head of Division in charge of TARGET2 evolution and operations, managing the Bundesbank responsibilities in the cooperation with Banque de France and Banca d'Italia (3CB). Since 2013 Siegfried is heading the re-organised division at Bundesbank (TARGET2 & T2S Services Management) now being in charge of coordinating TARGET2 and T2S evo-lution within 4CB (Banque de France, Banca d’Italia, Banco de España and Deutsche Bundesbank).

Messaging and Standards – especially ISO20022 – always was (and still is) a major topic in this context and led to several common initiatives with SWIFT (Standards).

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