Past sibos: Toronto 2017

Over 8,000 delegates visited Toronto 2017

Sibos 2017 took place at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre between 16 and 19 October. With over 8,000 delegates, it was officially the largest Sibos in the Americas to date.

Toronto’s reputation and its financial institutions are underpinned by Canada’s ranking as the world’s soundest banking system six years in a row by the World Economic Forum (2008-2013). In 2014, Canada’s banking system was ranked #1 in the world for financial strength by Moody’s

The Year

Who attended Sibos 2017 Toronto?

  • Primary business focus
  • Primary area of responsibility
  • Function within institution
  • Type of institution
  • Motivation to attend
  • Region
  • 32%Payments
  • 18%Technology
  • 17%Not selected
  • 15%Trade Services
  • 9%Securities
  • 6%Consultancy
  • 4%Compliance
  • 29%Business Development/Strategy
  • 16%Not Selected
  • 14%Sales
  • 9%Information Technology
  • 8%Operations
  • 7%Product Management
  • 7%Marketing
  • 4%Innovation
  • 3%Compliance/Risk MGMT
  • 3%Customer Services
  • 1%Standards
  • 24%Managing Director/Director/EVP
  • 17%Not Selected
  • 14%Vice President/Functional Head
  • 11%Departmental Manager
  • 8%Relationship Manager
  • 8%Board Member/CEO/CFO
  • 7%Section Head/Supervisor
  • 6%Analyst/Consultant
  • 5%Account Manager
  • 1%Corporate Treasurer
  • 31%Commercial Bank
  • 24%Software Vendor/Consultancy
  • 17%Not selected
  • 9%Corporate
  • 4%Payments Market infrastructure
  • 4%Central Bank
  • 3%Retail Bank
  • 3%Securities Market Infrastructure
  • 2%Custodian
  • 1%Broker/Dealer
  • 1%Exchange
  • 1%Investment Manager
  • 32%Sales
  • 26%Learning
  • 22%Networking
  • 20%Other
  • 37%Americas
  • 29%EMEA
  • 20%UK/Nordics
  • 14%APAC

2017 Conference Programme

Building for the future

For nearly 40 years, Sibos has brought financial leaders together to network, collaborate and make sense of changes in the industry. The Sibos conference helps to build an understanding of the forces impacting the financial community. 

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Art at Sibos 2017

Our chosen charity for Sibos 2017 was SKETCH.

SKETCH is an arts-based community enterprise in Toronto that engages young people from across Canada who are living homeless or on the margins. 

SKETCH works with youth to develop in the arts so that they can lead in building creative communities, and build their entrepreneurial spirit and future.

Throughout Sibos week, the bridge that connects the MTCC's North and South Buildings hosted the Sibos Art Gallery, which featured unique artworks by the SKETCH artists. 

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Conference and exhibition

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