AI and Conversational Commerce: ATB Financial and share a journey as partners in transformation

FINT 2017-10-16T15:30:00.000Z

FinTech Theatre
Founder and CEO
Chief Transformation Officer
ATB Financial

The Experience Economy sets high expectations for banks. People want and expect banks, like their other cherished brands, to be always available, offering personalized help and insights, enabled in their mobile channels of choice. is a personal banking and financial management assistant, powered by AI, white labeled for banks, that aspires to do just that. And forward acting Financial Institutions like ATB Financial, Canada’s 7th largest Financial Institution, have set out on a transformational journey towards this goal for their more than 700,000 customers. With their partnership, and ATB are committed to bringing personalized chat services to their customers that will not only make banking simpler, but will also improve the financial well-being of their customers lives. In this session we will explore the capabilities of, and learn about the case for change at ATB, and how together, Finn and ATB are shaping the future of Conversational Commerce.