Banking & Gen Z: Building financial confidence for new generations in a post-cash world

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FinTech Theatre
Managing Director, Innovation
ATB Financial

Join Dojo and ATB Financial as they share insights on the new ways youth will bank and learn about money in the post-cash age. Through user experience and gamification of money lessons, Dojo creates high user engagement with a modern educational approach. Dojo’s mission is to help raise empowered, money-smart kids through a safe and secure app, debit card and in-app money lessons that fit the lives of busy families. In July 2017, Dojo teamed up with ATB, the 7th largest financial institution in Canada with assets of $48.5 billion and over 725,000 customers. ATB is focused on relentlessly being innovative through new digital technologies, and has a deep interest in exploring both enhanced youth engagement, as well as in understanding the role of youth financial education. Learn how the partnership came to be, how the technology works, and what financial confidence really means for kids and teens.