Capgemini Financial Services/MuleSoft : APIs - The game changer for corporate banking success

OT2 2017-10-17T16:15:00.000Z

Open Theatre 2
Vice President/ Functional Head
Capgemini Financial Services
Departmental Manager
Capgemini Financial Services

When it comes to transaction banking, the talk on the street is all about open APIs and the competition they encourage. But how are banks leveraging Application Program Interfaces to develop new revenue streams for their corporate clients? In this session, a number of real-world corporate use cases will be shared along with the strategic planning that went behind the selection and implementation of new platforms.

We will share examples of how banks have overcome legacy challenges and become more flexible to distribute products and services through third-party channels. Positive results have included shorter time to market, reduced service costs, improved customer service, the ability to generate better customer analytics and target new segments, as well as increased revenue and cross-sell opportunities.