From data disorder to information insights: Making data the servant of the business

717A 2017-10-18T12:30:00.000Z

Conference Room 4
Global Head of Innovation
Head of Business Development, Captial Markets
Tata Consultancy Services - TCS BaNCS
Managing Director / Global Head of Regulatory & Market Strategy
Chief Business Development Officer
Digital Asset Holdings, LLC
Head of Information Solutions Analytics

As the “stuff” that all post-trade processes are made of, data sits at the centre of everything we do. But today it comes at a high cost. New technologies like blockchain fundamentally change the way information flows within and between firms, promising to address issues of inconsistency and increase efficiency across the chain. Brighter still, however, are the opportunities to transform data into insights that improve decision making, aid risk management and compliance, and create new ways of adding value. Join us as we re-think today's data model, explore how change can be achieved and ask where we go from here with the insights available in our information.