Enhance your payments transparency and efficiency with SWIFT’s Payments Data Quality tool

701A 2017-10-19T10:00:00.000Z

SWIFT Auditorium
Head of Financial Crime Initiatives - UK, Ireland and Nordics
Matthew Barrett
Head of Payments
Investec Bank PLC
Delphine Masquelier
Product Manager Financial Crime Intelligence
Co-Head of AML and KYC Group
Societe Generale

How good is the originator and beneficiary data in your payment messages? Does it fully comply with FATF 16-driven regulation and support optimal sanctions and AML screening? Does it enable optimal straight-through processing? If the answers are no, or you aren’t 100% certain, this session is for you.
Join us to learn how SWIFT’s Payments Data Quality tool helps to assess data quality in payment messages. Find out how it helps you to uncover, analyse and address data quality issues while supporting fact-based communication with counterparts and reporting obligations.