Find your way in the transformation of asset servicing, transaction processing and regulatory reporting

PF02 2017-10-18T14:00:00.000Z

Standards Forum - Exhibition

Securities transaction processing is a well mature business area. The adoption of ISO 15022 more than 15 years ago, has allowed the industry to reach straight through processing levels never imagined before. Does it mean that from a standards point of view, there is nothing left to be done? What about the co-existence with ISO 20022 and the impact of new technology?

Asset servicing / Corporate action: in this area, even though ISO 15022 was implemented at the same time as for the securities transaction processing area, there is still room for improvement in increasing the automation, hence reducing the risk associated with the manual process, reducing the overall cost of corporate action processing: is ISO 20022 the solution, or could new technology solve this, or both?

MiFID 2 / MiFIR enters into application in a few of weeks, what does this mean for standard practitioners and what is the impact for the implementers of regulatory requirements in Europe and elsewhere. How do widely adopted standards in securities operations such as ISO 20022, LEI and others, facilitate compliance with regulatory requirements?

This roundtable format workshop is a unique opportunity to engage in the dialogue and share thoughts with your peers on these topics that are high on everyone’s agenda.