The future is Cloud – Focus on your business while SWIFT operates and manages your infrastructure

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SWIFT Auditorium
Head of Cloud Services
Board Member / CEO / CFO
CBW Bank
Anish Kapoor

More than 2,000 customers benefit from using SWIFT Cloud-based connection to the financial industry. Our customers are banks, corporates and investment managers who can focus on their business strategies, whilst reducing operational burden without compromising on security. Could this be the right choice for you too?
Over the years, SWIFT has evolved its Cloud offering to deliver solutions which meet all our customers’ needs. These include direct connection to SWIFT, connection through a Business Application, as well as ensuring operational continuity in the event of a major disaster or cyber-attack. And there is more to come.
In this session, you will learn about SWIFT Cloud offering and future plans. You will also hear from our banks and corporate panellists why business strategies rely on Cloud adoption and how SWIFT has helped them meet their business objectives.