Past sibos: Toronto 2017

The Future of Money

18 October 2017
11:00 to 12:00
Main conference session Plenary Room

The Future of Money (Big Issue Debate)

Financial Services Editor
Head of Business Banking
Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Chief Platform Officer
Starling Bank
Founder / CEO
M-DAQ Group

This year’s Future of Money debate will focus on data, how it creates value and how it’s used: Real-time data is fuelling rapid growth in the new economy. Data centres are the oil refineries of the digital age, extracting value from raw information in the form of predictive patterns and other insights. As social media platforms and data-driven start-ups use this digital oil to power targeted advertising and generate new services, so must the financial industry extract more value from their platforms and the abundance of data they possess. How can financial services organisations use Big Data, in tandem with AI and cognitive services to better serve customers and move from a transactional business model to one of enablement? How do we progress from using data to influence pricing and risk to using it to drive bigger strategic business decisions? And with the way that data is used, bought and sold, changing the rules for markets and demanding new approaches from regulators, what does this mean from a legal and compliance perspective?”

Sibos TV
18 October 2017
10:45 to 11:00
Sibos TV Sibos TV
Open theatre session
18 October 2017
11:30 to 12:00
Open theatre session Open Theatre 2