The future of the post-trade industry – escaping the scale trap

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Conference Room 4
Board Member / CEO / CFO
SIX Securities Services
Richard Schwartz
Global Custodian
Chief Operating Officer, Board Officer
Tata Consultancy Services
Chief Business Development Officer
Digital Asset Holdings, LLC
Vice President/ Functional Head
Canadian Derivatives Clearing Corporation

The post-trade space is set for a major transformation with the imminent arrival of Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT), new and nimbler players attacking high-value business lines and the ongoing budget pressures arising from regulatory challenges and ever-increasing client-push for better ROI.

Greater scale has always been perceived to be the key solution to all such pressures. But is it? Are there better, more sustainable approaches that the industry should implement? If so, what could they be? Join us as industry leaders outline what the future could hold.