Geopolitics and standards, what does the future hold?

711 2017-10-16T10:00:00.000Z

Standards Forum - Sessions

In the wake of the financial crisis there was clear consensus that something should be done at a global (G20) level to prevent similar events in the future. But the past 12 months, in the US particularly, has seen focus shift away from global cooperation towards a more nation-first agenda. The threat of another crisis has not receded, however, and consistent, globally applied reporting standards remain an important aspiration if overseers are to achieve effective surveillance of the market. More broadly, lack of harmonized standards for financial services is recognized as contributing to trade imbalances between economies with strong financial services sectors and others, further threatening stability. The case for more, rather than less, global cooperation on financial industry standards has never been stronger. Join this expert session to learn about the importance of public- and private-sector international standardization, the progress made to date in the regulatory space, and the outlook for the future.