How to design a better payments system using simulations: Experience from Canada's payment system modernization

FINT 2017-10-17T16:15:00.000Z

FinTech Theatre
Neville Arjani
Principal, Research
Payments Canada
Kimmo Soramäki
Founder & CEO
Financial Network Analytics Ltd.

Payments Canada has been deeply involved in the Modernization of Canada’s Payment System and as part of it, the design of Lynx, Canada’s new core clearing and settlement system. A particular question has been how to strike an appropriate balance between efficiency and risk management? To assist with this line of analysis, Payments Canada recently engaged with FNA. FNA provides software solutions to simulate, monitor and stress test financial market infrastructures such as interbank payment systems. The session will cover how Payments Canada has and will be drawing benefits from FNA’s software in each one these areas.