Past sibos: Toronto 2017

Lunch & Learn: Market Infrastructures - Lost in FMI land? Come visit the Warehouse!

17 October 2017
12:30 to 13:30
Main conference session SWIFT Institute
De Nederlandsche Bank & Tilburg University
De Nederlandsche Bank

In our daily Lunch & Learn sessions you will hear from professional teachers as they provide a brief extract from courses aimed at those already working in the financial industry. Today’s topic is all about Market Infrastructures. Lunch will be provided so you can eat while you learn.

The world of Financial Market Infrastructures (FMIs) and Payments is complex and evolves over time. To explain this world to newcomers in the industry (as well as students at Tilburg University), Professor Berndsen has developed the metaphor of a Warehouse to structure thinking about FMIs as an organizing principle. You will be guided through the various floors of the Warehouse, learning about its main functions and risks. You will see how all acronyms such as ACHs, CCPs, RTGSs and CSDs are connected within the Warehouse. At the end of this session you will leave with a mental map of FMI-land so you don’t get lost in the future.

Open theatre session
17 October 2017
12:15 to 12:45
Open theatre session Open Theatre 2
Main conference session
17 October 2017
12:30 to 13:10
Main conference session SWIFTLab