Lunch & Learn: Payments - Simplifying a complex world

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SWIFT Institute
Director of Relationship Management and Business Development
London Institute of Banking & Finance
Head of Strategy and Planning
Mizuho Bank, Ltd.

In our daily Lunch & Learn sessions you will hear from professional teachers as they provide a brief extract from courses aimed at those already working in the financial industry. Today’s topic is all about Payments. Lunch will be provided so you can eat while you learn.

Digitization or a return to the barter – does innovation promote financial inclusion? New technology is often reliant on existing infrastructure – does replacement cost hinder adoption rates? Blockchain or Distributed Ledger Technology – does terminology matter? Cheques to ACH to near immediate settlement – are Faster Payment schemes sweeping the world? Swipe and signature, chip and signature, chip and PIN, or contactless – how are cards evolving? Three Lines of Defense Model or Four – how do we manage risk and do conduct and ethics play a role in payments? PSD2 is creating a single digital economy in Europe – what does this regulation mean for you?

These topics and more are addressed in CertPAY, a new qualification offered by the London Institute of Banking and Finance. CertPAY breaks down the complexities of global payments into easy to understand topics, while introducing students to common payment terminology, exploring technical innovation, and breaking down the regulatory and risk environment that shapes and drives the payment industry today.