The next wave of digitisation: becoming the platform enterprise

715A 2017-10-18T12:30:00.000Z

Conference Room 5
Managing Director/ Director / EVP
Payments Technology Lead

Financial services companies are quickly evolving to the next wave of digital transformation. While new design thinking will drive institutions to enhance experiences across all key users and interactions, it will be important to evolve design and delivery of platform approaches in calibration. Intelligent thinking will embed insight through big data, advanced analytics, and artificial intelligence/machine learning into every critical customer interaction to enhance experience, value, and relationships. Firms will ruthlessly digitize operations, infrastructure, and legacy functions to drive efficiency, productivity, and enhanced risk management. This session will explore evolution towards digital reengineering and how to align platform capabilities that are built for efficiency, scale, and interconnectivity in the areas of on-boarding, transaction processing and risk management processes.