Pegasystems: Client centric banking: The state of relationship selling and modern CRM tools

OT1 2017-10-16T16:15:00.000Z

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With trust in banks and other financial services institutions at an all-time low, relationship managers and advisors need to avoid a bank-centric, product-push sales approach and focus on true, value-added relationship selling. This means that many banks need new CRM tools which do three things really well. First, the tools will need to use AI and machine learning to generate timely and intelligent commercial insights and value propositions for the client. Second, they will need to automate and streamline non-value add elements of the sales process and client interaction. Third, they will need to provide banks with architectural choices and omni-channel capabilities. Join this session, to learn more about the current state of relationship selling including insights from our recent survey with Forrester Research, and a discussion about the requirements for modern CRM tools.