Results at the top: Gender intelligence

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Gender Intelligence Group (GIG)

For decades, the burden for achieving parity in leadership, whether in business, education, or government, has been placed squarely, and wrongly, on the shoulders of women alone. A new book, Results at the Top, aims to correct that by focusing on what men can and should do to support and champion the advancement of women into leadership roles. In this session authors Barbara Annis and Richard Nesbitt will discuss how sharing leadership with women produces superior performance in organizations. Virtually every financial study conducted since the 1980s on the financial performance of companies that have women on their boards and their executive teams have proven it to be true. Male leaders know the value. What they don’t know is how to engage and be supportive in advancing women. This session is of course of high interest to women as well, for by speaking to men and making known their thoughts and the reasons for their behaviours, the authors reveal to women how to best communicate and interact with men in the workplace, and in many other aspects of life. Barbara and Richard do not place blame, but aim to better understand men’s strengths and contributions and how they differ from those of women.

We’re embarking on a new level of achievement in the pursuit of women in leadership, and this session (and book) is recognition of that achievement and points directly to the successes gained. We have copies of Results at the Top to give away to those who attend this session. Barbara and Richard will be available after their talk to autograph copies.